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joven alcover

i do believe in faith healers.... thanks to them that they share their effort and time to heal illness and life difficulties.

chesca (exskindiver)

are you back?
the pro is back.'i need you.
glad you are back.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Great photos of actual healing process.

dodong flores

While a lot of sorcerer and shaman are concentrated in the island of Siquijor, even in our place in Mindanao, there are also a few number of people gifted with the same thing.
You would also wonder that faith healers are also very much concentrated in the province of Pangasinan. Amazing, isn't it?

As for the bolo-bolo, I haven't heard something like that before. I only learned of it from this post...


I've seen these amazing faith healers practice their trade and I have no explanation as to how they do it.

Many years ago I held the head of a man whose tooth was being extracted by a faith healer who was herself a hospital staff. This was done inside the hospital, in a physioteraphy clinic. The lady faith healer used the dentist's "pliers" to extract the tooth - no anesthesia, no blood - she just whispered a few words of prayers on the man's head !


Je brengt de cultuur zo tot over de grenzen, eigenaardig ritueel.

luna miranda

There is always a Manang Akay in every barrio all over the Philippines. In remote barangays, healers are more accessible than doctors, and you don't need to pay a big chunk of cash...they even accept rice or live chicken as payment while a simple thank-you is enough for some.


Incredible portrait! And a great view into this aspect of the culture - thanks!


A remarkable lady. I love the portrait.

Ashish Sidapara

Great documentary stuff, more please!


Interesting. I've never seen this type of ointment before! Thanks for sharing.


Alam mo, mahirap sa mga tagaprobinsya, pagnapilayan yung bata pinapahilot lang nila... eh minsan pag maybali... lumalala yung kundisyon within months nagkakaroon yung iba ng bone cancer. Pero fan ako ng hilot sa likod.


I wonder if you waited for the black cat to appear in the first pic because if you didn't, then the timing's perfect. The black cat in the photo lends an air of mysticism which adds color to your topic of faith healing. Nice one Sid, as usual.


The photo series gives a feel for the lives of the people. There are a lot of stories in these pictures.


What an excellent series. She must be one amazing woman.

Kevin from

As always, great documentary style photography!
Looking forward to seeing more of bolo-bolo.


I'm "blown" away
you are the best

Otto K.

Great set. Did you get any healing from her?


Thanks for bringing us to Siquijor. A few years ago, we were supposed to visit the island when we were in Dumaguete but apparently the ferry was broken at that time.

Amazing images if the mystic that is Siquijor! Your portraits and landscapes very inviting for us to also explore the island albeit the creepy reputation of Siquijor.

Michael Rawluk

What a great opportunity you have for shooting unusual subjects. This is so good.


Wonderful story you told using these great photos of this cultural practice!


well, i know wher to go to avoid the magician surgeys of Makati center... thanks!! :-)))

Rock Kauser

Folk medicine/healing seems to be about the same world wide - they just seem to use the local ingredients. I'm sure that our modern doctors could learn a great deal from them if they would only listen and observe.


Its natural power in this old ladies fingers and blow and again you've captured it so well Sidney!


Very nice portraits! I like the jar filled with ointment!

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